License Expire


Is the developer license has expiration? It always prompt once I open a NAV.“WARNING! PROGRAM LICENSE EXPIRE IN 15 DAYS”, I read some conversation about it here, but there’s no explaination why is this happen? Hoping for your reply? Thanks

The partner license expires, you need to request a new one from Microsoft, I thought the same was true of teh old developer license, but then they did away with individual licenses and made them all company based. Basically you need to request your new one from Microsoft, this stops unaccredited partners continuing to work in the field (eventually). The customer license does not expire.

Thanks for the support…[Y]

Ok, Thanks for the support, onething…is the expiration date display in license file? how do i know the expiration date? Hoping for your reply.

In .FLF file “human readable” part there is no expiry date even if license has expiration (that is, Partner or old personal Developer’s license. As said already, Customer license never expires). However, in corresponding .TXT (and .ORD) file there are all dates stated.

My guess would be in 15 days. :mrgreen:

Just contact Microsoft ASAP and they will cut you a new license. In fact your company may have already done this and you just need to who ever is in charge of licensing to get the new one.