License Code in AOT

Hi all…

When I am loading license I am getting error License value for ID 149 has not been created.

on it is written that License Code in AOT is missing for 149 thats why it is not getting created while importing License.

Yes License code in AOT for value 149 is missing in my case…

My Questions:

  1. If its not there what can I do for that?

  2. How and when exactly License Codes are created automatically in AX 2009?

Means at the time of AX installation or Module update or hotfix installaton, when exactly?

Note: 149 is for Retail Headquarter Module

Thanks in Advance

Yes License Code created in AOT post installation of specific module… In my case it got generated after Retail Headquarter patch installation. Initially it wass not created due to setup issue in RU8 so I tried with RU7 and it worked.