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An interesting topic was posted in the Developer forum, with a customer that had acquired a developers license. As the Navision license agreement states:


9 Termination In the event of End-user’s material breach of this Agreement, Navision Software a/s is entitled to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect. End-user may at any time terminate this Agreement by informing Navision Software a/s in writing. In case of termination, End-user is under the obligation to cease the use of the SOFTWARE and to promptly delete and erase ‘without any repayment or compensation’ the SOFTWARE, including any and all copies hereof.

So i would not recommend starting development of features to control the licensing, just point the customers attention to the license agreement he signed when buying the system. Any thought on this topic? Soren NielsenIntegrationDeveloper, moderator / NOLUG

I know that Navision has the right, under their license agrrements, to drop in on NSCs to make sure that THEY are doing things correctly. Do they have the same right to drop in on end-users? I do wonder how you could stop the end-user from starting up their system again, even if you were to go in, shut down the server, and delete all their files :slight_smile: ------- Tim Horrigan

Igather from resellers in UK that there are issues with the current partner agreements which refer to a particular clause that has been dropped in the UK - any comments from UK on this? Keith Grinsted Managing Director ExpandIT Solutions UK Ltd Integrated e-business solutions - adding value to your business processes

Just my 2c: Written contracts are one thing, reality is another thing. Let’s face it: Would Navision a/s want to loose a customer, a NSC or a developer by terminating his license if no real harm has been done to Navision? If the customers managed to get an illegal copy of a developer license and is using it for internal purposes - well, let him do that. That doesn’t harm anybody. I’m more concerned with cases like NavSupport who openly ask for cracks or in cases like this ukranian guy with danish nickname (I don’t mention the name here because whenever I did, my posting was censored/deleted by Erik) who offers cracked license files. These are the cases where Navision a/s should get active. But do they? I mean: still has this “$1000 reward” on their homepage. So it has to be assumed that Navision doesn’t care too much. So, would they care about a customer who uses an illegal version for internal purposes? If everyone who ever used illegal software would be expelled from this forum, I guess it would be quite empty. And that explicitly includes me! ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Believe it or not, license fans, Navision U.S. has, in fact, shut down two NSCs who have done just this sort of thing (plus a few other naughty stunts). They also got the site turned off for a while, as soliciting a crime is usually a violation of an ISPs TOS. As far as an end user goes, I have seen one case where all the software had not been properly licensed to the user (somebody else’s license file)and Navision made ugly legal noises and got them to pay up. If they know about a license violation, they usually go after it… Allen Beck President Beck Consulting Alameda, CA & Bellevue, WA 800-456-8474


Originally posted by Allen Beck: Believe it or not, license fans, Navision U.S. has, in fact, shut down two NSCs who have done just this sort of thing (plus a few other naughty stunts).

This is an intriguing comment. Can you tell us more? I imagine some of this is hush-hush and can not be divulged in a public forum— but maybe you can fill us in on a few details? ------- Tim Horrigan

I have seen a UK NSC use its own licence file in all it customers sites. The NSC has now gone bankrupt. They paid for basic Navision and made mods to it. Instead of getting licenses to run the mods on the customers system they just gave them their licence. As they were using a developers licence they made the mode in any number range they felt like. In fact they made them in a lot of number ranges. It was horrible to fix. Paul Baxter

My NSC was a subcontractor to a US NSC who delivered copies of their NSC license to several customers and put the customer license money in their pocket. They didn’t get caught until they went bankrupt and the customers turned to Navision for support. Of course Navision had never heard of these customers. Navision apparently considered both civil and criminal legal actions but in the end decided not to do either. The NSC had nothing left and the owner was bankrupt and disgraced. The customers were given licenses equal to what they could prove they had paid for. Navision lost quite a bit of money (as did our firm as a subcontractor), but they kept Navision’s reputation intact and the customers as happy as was possible. The customers were placed with other reputable NSCs (we took over some). I thought Navision handled a very nasty situation very intelligently and appropriately. Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever