License Agreement - Dyn Nav 5


I don’t have the license agreement handy, but I was curious if the license was transferable?
Dynamics Nav 5

The company I am looking into this for purchased it a 1-2 months ago, and has since gone broke. They are curious if they would be able to sell their license when they liquidate.


Joel Barnard


You can transfer licence only if you buy whole company…

Also as i know Liquidation judge can issue order to transfer license as part of assets during auction if company sold by parts through action… But it has to be lagest part of operations (over 50%).

One other thing - if company can pay all creditors and they liquidating, they can keep only license on their assets and at the end sell whole company – what essentially means just sell license.

Othervice - no luck.

By the way - if i remember Licence agreement has clause for 90 days or so demonstartion period… They can return during this period… You better hurry.