licences and odbc

Hello, only one little question, we are consider to move from navision database to sql server database because there a some problem with odbc. my question : with c/odbc, for each connection, you must have one licence. with sql server and “standard” odbc, if you would use table that navserver use too, same licence are use?? or no licence? table are in sql server so, no licence, but it’s table that navserver use… Thx

You are free to access the tables that Navision Financials/Attain has created and uses as you would any other SQL Server table. The navision license has no role in this, only your SQL Server license applies as with normal use of SQL Server.

Just to add…you’ll have a different experience with the regular SQL Server ODBC driver (or for that matter OLEDB provider/ADO etc) than you had with C/ODBC against Navision Server. The C/ODBC driver integrates with and understands flowfields and SIFT keys. The SQL Server driver does not. So any SIFT or flowfield functionality must be performed by you in some way as part of your SQL statements. This can be easy or impossible depending on what you want.

We are currently experiencing the same problem (each c/odbc connection taking up a user licence). Our core applications are on a sybase platform and we connect via c/odbc to navision. The process is mainly for field lookups and periodic data transfer between the applications. Q. Will migrating Navision to SQL server resolve the licensing problem? Are there any tools out there (affordable)that can manage sessions and automatically log out dormant/idle sessions?