Licence replacing

I have upgraded from 3.01 to 3.10. Also I changed licence. But now when I connect my SQL database I got old licence. I have deleted all old licences on my hard drive. But I get old licence again. How could I change it?

Have you deleted / replaced all the old licenses on both the client machines and the server system? Attain clients pick up a license from where the fin.exe starts up first, then use the license which is loaded by the server after connecting to the server. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Hi Valery, As far as I know the license system is different for SQL. It is not a process of just replacing the file wherever the Server folder is. To actually replace the license you must open up License Information dialog, and besides the three options that you get in Navision there is another one in SQL called Upload. I believe SQL stores in the db. Anyway I used upload and it worked. Cristi

The SQL Server version stores your license in the [$ndo$srvproperty] table in the master database of your server, updateable using the Upload function as mentioned. This is loaded upon opening a database, replacing the license already loaded from the client machine hard disk, unless you have previously used the Change function during the running of the program, which will then NOT use the server license (this is how you update an expired server license). This is all, btw, in the manual.

try UPLOAD new licence on server. (vigruzit… knopka sleva).

Hi, Changing license on sql is quite simple, all u have 2 do is, drop the table NDO$SRV PROPERTY TABLE from SQL DATABASE and start up your client again. Navision will prompt for a license, this is where you need to select your new license file by choosing upload function in navision for sql