licence / license expiry

How do I find out whether we have a licence expiry date, and if so, what it is ? The help says it’s given under licence information, but it doesn’t appear to be, so how can I tell ? Thanks, Chris

Hello Chris, If you are an end user, your licence should not expire. Only licences for NSC consultants should expire after a certain date. If you are an end user and you start getting licence expiry warnings, it is an NSC licence and you should replace it with your own ASAP. NSC consultant/developer developer licences seem to expire about once a year. If you try to open a later version of Navision than the one you are currently using, using your licence, you may get an error message saying your “support has expired”, but this is due to the new version and provided you have been paying MBS upgrade support, they should provide you with a new one for the new version free of charge. Hope this is of help!

Many thanks