Library Of Manuals/Documents

I don’t know the amount of space needed but is it posible to have a spot where everyone can upload the manuals they have so people can download the one’s they need at any given time? I have 22 Navsion PDF’s to add. Or is this just a bad idea[?]

I don’t want to be picking at nits, but because all the Navision documenation is copywritten material, I think Erik would have to be very careful about such an arrangement.

H Ruiz, What documentation are you on about? As an end-user, all the documentation we require is on the product CD, surely?!?!?!?

It was just a thought

What documentation are you on about?

all info is not on the cd - fast cash, e-ship, edi, ubp. these add on’s have no doc. etc etc etc

H R, I was joking about all the documentation being on the product CD! [:D] I would be interested in such documentation. What do you say Erik?

David, H R has a good idea. He is talking not the customer deliverable documents, which are copyright material but generic informative material, which we all otherwise share. H R you should consider it and better list it here so as to make it clear. Please pass on the doc on edi to me. Regards, Anuj

Also the end user doc could be shared , atleast the templates could be reused , so that the it add value to the consultant implementing. All such reusable doc , which is not copy right protected could be shared. Cheers nav_mbs

Hi! There is a definite need of sharing all such documents as there is no such place where we can get such updated documents. Also, at the NTR level, the documents are updated at the time of new releases. Warm Regards Jyothi Mohan

Is Partnersource so bad that no-one even talks about it? I thought it was intended to solve this exact issue? Gary

Hi Gary, By partnersource you mean or am I missing something?

I rather guess Gary refers to the following: It’s the MBS Extranet source for partners, though you need a login which you should get from MBS directly… really useful though not that organized and complete yet, nothing on the methodology yet. Saludos Nils

Plus end users do not have access. PartnerSource is a secure portal available to Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partners.

Nils was correct in the Partnersource information. I’m hoping that it will become a more useful source of (up to date) information for Navision Solution Centers. I find however, that the docs are somewhat stale. For customers there is (you guessed it) Customersource at Again, you need a login ID and note that Navision is yet to hit Customersource, but it promises to be there soon.