Length of Street Address in AX 2012 is too long for ShipTo street address in Carrier (UPS/FedEX) software

I wonder if anyone has seen this issue before and can offer a remedy. We’re implementing AX 2012 (R1) and just found that even though the street address on the customer record can be as long as 250 characters, the shipping module in AX and the Carrier shipping software for UPS and FedEx has a 90 character limitation (30 for each of the 3 street address lines). Further, it seems the customer’s street address is designed to map only to the first street address line in the Shipping module and that you need customization to get data to the other two street address fields. Could this really be true or are we missing something? Please help!!

Microsoft have not altered the address formats of AX to meet the structure of UPS. As UPS is one of many integrations possible all with different structures MS decided on “typical” mappings, which essentially means if you want something else then you modify it. It means you have to be very strict on your input and transpose to UPS in a set manner. Whether you alter AX to fit in with an external site is up to you.

Dynamics AX Table

Dynamics AX Field

UPS Table

UPS Field



Ship To

Address 1



Ship To

Company or Name




Reference 2



Ship To

City or Town



Ship To

Postal Code



Ship To


Thanks for the response. The UPS/FedEx systems also have multiple street address lines. Thus, in addition to Street I, there’s also Street 2 and Street 3. How do those two get their values?

You would need a developer to chop up the single street in AX into useable chunks. However this would worry me greatly, there are numerous addresses that break the UPS 30 limit in a single line - Unit 22, Barton Peverill Industrial Estate would give you an issue even with a comma split. I would be tempted to have a UPS street set of fields and modify the entry into the street field to replicate in these and allow the user to alter and then use these in teh integration (after writing them to sales orders and carrier request tables. Not perfect but you have two clashing system requirements that you need to smooth the transition between, so you have to change things. You dont have to use street 2 or 3 but you should not enter the city/town in the street in AX, use the correct fields for these then you only have the “Street” issue to worry about.


First try to map the fields street , city ,state with the fields in AX. Also with developer effort try to split up street address in AX in to street 1 , street 2 addresses and map accordingly.

Hope this helps,

Shantanoo, Barry-Wehmiller International Resources