Length of item description in V4

Hi, I’m involved in a conversion to V3.7. The length of the item description on the old system was 50 plus 10 more for colour. The Navision implementers have suggested using Description1 and Description2, however this doesn’t really fit the client’s needs due to a structured description and the cost to implement in reports etc. Client wants (excuse MS Access terms, don’t know Navision) Trim([Description1]) &" "& Trim([Description2)] so the two descriptions appear as one verus 2 distinct columns. They do not recommend changing the field’s size, again cost etc. I search this site and found several references to changing the field size and that it was not that difficult. However all mention about upgrades and having to do it again. So, after that long-winded intro: I heard the length in V4 would be greater and thought that if that is the case could we change the length in V3.7 to V4’s length and would not have to worry about the upgrade. Does anyone know the length of this field in V4 ? Thanks

It’s still 30 (in Beta 2)

yup its still 30 in Beta 2