Legal features of localizations

I have a question about legal features of localizations. Portuguese a Spanish Navision out of box have lack of a few documents types (debit memo, etc) and some minor legal reports in Fixes Assets. I would like to know if other Navision localizations have same problems. In every implementation you know that you must do changes to support some basic legal requirements? thanks,

Each official localization should include all legal requirements, and the group that does those is very keen on getting everything in. Of course there are always cases where things are missed. If something’s missing I would say get in touch with Microsoft and have them look at it.

Make sure you are talking about a legal requirement though, and not a common business practice. Years ago I was involved in an international project, and we had a big conflict about whether or not some functionality was a legal requirement or if it was just something that every company in that country did.

I guess you supplied the answer, I guess these functionalities can be considered in that point of view. 99% of companies in Portugal use that kind of documents but are not truly a full legal requirement. Thanks.