LedgerJournalTable ApprovedBY


Is anyone aware of why the ApprovedBy field in the LedgerJournalTable and LedgerJournalTrans is linked to emplId, yet it is being populated by a user id in the LedgerJournalTable.markApproved() method?

Our client is getting an error because their employeeids are not the same as user ids.


Good question - before assigning current user Id, code checks whether the user has necessary rights (UserInUserGroup method in UserInfoHelp class).

Other than the above, there doesn’t seem to be any check related to employee Id. What error do you get?


The client is getting an error " Error msg: The value ‘MR’ in field ‘Approved by’ is not found in relating table ‘Employee’."

I have tried to trace back the issue a bit to see if it is a bug in Dynamics, but it seems that this code and EDTs are the same in AX 4.0 and AX 2009 and there don’t seem to be any hotfixes or anything that even vaguely address the issue. So I’m having to assume that this is indeed desired functionality, but I would like to know why there is this inconsistency between the extended data type and what is being actually being filled in.