Ledger transactions report

Dear All,

Can anybody give the solution for the below mentioned issue

Issue: Ledger transactions report is not generating for the reversal transactions vouchers with range of accounts.

Ex: There is a reversal transactions vouchers in 5 ledgers i.e: 100000,100001,100002,100003, 100004

if we generate the report by selecting range of accounts like 100000…100004, with reversal check mark, reports is not generating, but if we select one by one ledger with reversal transactions check mark, report is generating for reversal transaction vouchers.

looking for reply at the earliest.



You can try inputting the range value like this: !(100000…100004)


Thanks for your reply.

As i said in earlier mail, Report is not generating if i generate by inputting range of accounts.



Ideally the report should run. Maybe you are not putting the filter at the right place.

Click on Select and select General journal account entry table. Select field ledger account.main account and add filter in criteria field. The report should run, irrespective of check mark.