Ledger transaction correction (Financial dimensions)


I configured ledger parameters to get BOE working for my customer but, by the time I figured that a related main account has a fianacial dimension missing, my customer had posted some of the BOEs.

Is there a way to correct those transactions (adding financial dimensions) without reversing the posted BOEs ?


Functional consultant
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As you know you can’t do any edits on a posted transaction.

I understand you don’t want to reverse the customer transactions. May be you can try this. Just a thought:

Consolidate the BOE trans at each customer level and post a single reversal transaction and create another transaction with “financial dimension” for each customer.

could you tell me in which table you want to update the records.

If it’s in LedgerTrans table we can update the records through x++ code as we did in the past.

But it will not update all the tables like the LedgerBalancesTrans ,LedgerBalancesDimTrans …etc.