Ledger Trans relation with customer

Dear All,

I have created one payment journal for multiple customers with amount debit to bank and credit to customers. After posting, the ledger trans will have all the transactions of the journal. For all ledger transactions, axapta maintains one voucher number. So, i want to get the ledger transactions which are debited to bank by the customer. I tried by filtering the voucher from CustTrans and then selecting the bank transactions from ledger trans but i am getting all the transactions of other customers too. How can i get the debit transactions for one customer only.

Please help me on this.


When you post such a kind of transaction, the system will have one to one relation between customer and bank.

You have multiple credits and one debit to bank and system will not have a mapping of one debit and credit here.

You can show the amount posted to customer as amount posted to bank by changing its sign(for one customer).

The journal is having bank debit line for each customer but the voucher number is same and there is no one bank debit line for multiple customer. In this case, how will i map the exact ledger trans for each customer.

example :

Account Type Debit Credit Voucher

Bank 1000 0 VOU_00010

c00001 0 1000 VOU_00010

Bank 2000 0 VOU_00010

C00002 0 2000 VOU_00010