Ledger Journal Import


I am facing one issue with ledger journal import. From excel sheet I am reading the data and importing. If accountType is Ledgers and vendors it is working fine. But where as customers and fixed assets, my code is failing to import. Because customer accountnum has not getting refereence in DimensionAttributeValueCombination table.

DimensionAttributeValueCombination ledgerDimension;


(accType == LedgerJournalACType::Cust)

select firstOnly

custTable join RecId from ledgerDimension where ledgerDimension.DisplayValue == custTable.AccountNum

&& custTable.AccountNum == cells.item(row,

3 ).value().bStr();

In the above query it is failing to get the recId as there is no reference for the custTable.AccountNum in “DimensionAttributeValueCombination” table. I tried all setups in Customer details form.

Please help me out