Ledger Entry

how can i modified Item Ledger quantity. i have recieve error"item must be xxx in remaining quantitty " . this error occur when i modify "wrong quantity input from store reciept.

That would imply you are trying to remove from stock a quantity greater than the remaining quantity. If for example you book 10 in and then move/ship 4 you will have 6 remaining, if you then tried to write off 8 against this ledger entry you would get that sort of message.

you mean to say that if we increase inventory after that this problem is solved.

Nope, because if you increase inventory it will create another item ledger entry.

What I am saying is you can only remove the quantity in the remaining quantity field on the item ledger entry - if you want to remove more you have to either find the stock and book it in, or apply the write off to another item ledger entry - depending upon what it actually is you are doing.

Dear Sir

Remaining Quantity field is showing 0. i think second option will work when stock is book. Thanks for your valuable time given to me.

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