Ledger Entries missing

Hi, One of our customer has records missing in the Customer Ledger Entry table. The first entry No. is 6017 and there are many other entries missing (ex: sequence 6044, 6046, 6048, 6049…) I’d like to know what could cause the deletion of those records? Can it be related to data compression? I went to the Date Compression Register and didn’t find any record. The database is 3.70 and was never upgraded.

The G/L Entry table is the only one with consective entries. In the case of the Customer Ledger Table, the Entry No. matches the corresponding G/L entry (ie. the A/R entry). Therefore, for an Invoice, there are multiple G/L Entries, but only one Customer Ledger Entry. What I am trying to say (confusing as it is [B)]) is that it is expected that your Customer Ledger Entry No.s are not consecutive.

You are right… a simple look in a Cronus database confirmed your explanation. Thanks Chris… I will sleep better now that I know the Ledgers are still ok!