Ledger code mismatching for vendor vouchers

Hi All,

I am working AX 2012, When I open the voucher through the voucher transactions it is showing the one ledger.

For more details please find below screen shot.

path is GL > Voucher Transactions> Filter the voucher

In the above screen shot the ledger code is 46012001.

And when I open all transactions for particular vendor it is showing another ledger code, for more details please find below screen shot.

Now in the above screen shot it showing another ledger code 21014601.

I am in supporting team for AX 2012 in financial modules , one of the user is asking why the ledger code is mismatching,

because of mismatching ledger code user is not able to match the some reports some amounts are mismatching.

Please can anybody explain why the ledger code is different in both scenarios.it is very urgent.

Thanks In Advance


What’s the evidence that both are same records. Same voucher may be repeated in another journal.
First check whether both are same records.

Hi Krishna,

Thanks for reply.

When I tried to open original document for the vouchers it is showing empty.could you please suggest how find the journal for voucher?

Thanks In Advance

Does it mean both are not same records?
First ensure yourself both are same records or not , if not same close the question.
You can’t discuss more on out of box.

Both are same records …could you please suggest…?

Could you please let us know which form is this
second screen shot ( all transactions for particular vendor)
If it’s vendor transactions form I’ve not find the field Ledger account in my system.(field may be mapped wrongly from other table)
Please check whether it’s customized field or what’s the data source for the field.

Hi Krishna,

Thanks for reply.

yes you are right it is wrongly mapped from another table.