Ledger Chart of Accounts Performance Problem

Some of our Axapta users experience a very slow response when opening the GL chart of accounts while most do not. Each computer is roughly the same where the minimum specs are a 500mhz PIII with 256mb ram, same monitor and graphics cards. One computer having trouble is a 2ghz P4 with 1gb ram. Has anyone experienced the same problem or know what causes this to happen? Our environment specs are: Axapta 2.5, sp0, 3 tier App server: Windows 2000 SQL server: SQL2000

hi rick let me oppologize first, because what i am going to tell u may not be the right solution. 1. Check out unneccessary softwares installed on it… or background running process. 2. Please try swaping the systems having trouble with the systems not having trouble. Tell me if it works or not, sorry if i have wasted your time. But the point is it may be due to the Networking structure. hope that this solves ur problem regards vaibhav