Ledger Char Account doubt

Our company is divided in several companies and we have in axapta this represented in account for company. So several tables of axapta are shared between companies and others not. By default our Chart Account is shared between all companies (this is represented by the table LedgerTable and so on) These tables have the ‘vir’ value in the field “dataAreaId” so are shared between all companies. Here is the question: We don’t want to see account data of the company A in the company B so one of our professionals recommeded us to don’t share the Ledger char Account data by don’t sharing its tables so in the dataAreaId of these tables will be “company A”, “company B”, etc and not “vir”. There are some dangerous doing this? There is another way of ordering better our Ledger Account data? Is better a Ledger Char Account for company? or is better a Ledger Char Account for all companies? Thanks

There is no correct or wrong answer here!!! The question is what works for you? Since our company is in a similar situation, our startegy so far is to save as much data per company as possible. At any time you could build temp. tables that fetch the data from all companies and do the report. Inevitably some data have to be shared - if a table is filled on a central place and used from all companies. In this case, an organizational solution could be still an option (although not as flexible as a virtual table).