Learning the Navision way...

I actually did move on since my first post on this forum. You guys were just the help I needed [:)]. Right now, I’m actually moving all the Data from “Job Ledger Entry” to the table “Excel Buffer” and then, transfert the data to Excel. And it works great! What I want to do right now is grouping my data. I do use the function SETFILTER to specify my ammount of data. What is the best strategy if I want to do something like this: For each employee, write down their salary raises and date? EXAMPLE: EMPLOYE_NAME RAISE DATE John Deer 2 01/01/01 3 02/03/01 2 01/01/04 Henry Ford 10 01/02/01 5 01/01/03 I hope I was clear enough, thx guys… [:D]

Well, to be simplify, how can you do a GROUP BY en Navision, maybe this will help me a lot [:D]

Well… in Navision you simply can’t GROUP BY any field you want. If you want your data to be processed/printed/exported/etc. according to a certain order you must define a suitable Key. Then you must use this key on your export to have the data grouped accordingly.

Dominic, I think, you should use 2 tables: Header and Line Header Table contains all emloyees (it can be 5200 table) Line Table contains all rise facts, with Emloyee Code and Rise Date in the key

Thx you very much for the info.