Learning Navision

Hi All,

I am working in a microsoft partner in Saudi arabia as a NAV developer only. I dont have an idea of funtionality part. As i am only a programmer, i dont have any knowledger in Business side. To learn functionality part of navision, do i have to take accounting courses or i can manage without it.


This is becoming more and more common, i.e. that the Partners are trying to get by with “coders” that just know code without knowing Navision, leading to somethign of a deadend for the client, the partner, and most of all for the developer.

Its great that you want to do this, and if you have the motivation, you can do it your self.

step one is to start posting documents, and learnign setup in Cronus.

Here are some threads to get you started:







I would also advise you to purchase some of the fundamental manuals, the ones for financials, inventory, sales, purchases. As you go through the exercises, debug some of the processes (debug a sales invoice posting for instance, or a quote to order process), so you get a feel for how things are done in NAV. Take note of variable naming and what type of code is in what type of object (for instance no data processing on forms, but function calls in other objects). By the time you ‘master’ the basics, you should have a pretty good ‘feel’ for NAV, and figuring out things gets easier from there. I’m not very strong in any functional area, but with the help of the consultants I work with I always figure out what to do.