Learning material for ax 2009


Can someone please point out where I can get this learning material: 80019: Installation and Configuration for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. I’m not a partner or a customer so I can’t download it straight from MS.

Thanks in advance


Then you cannot officially download it or have access to it.

Well isn’t that just smart. So I’m not allowed to learn… what a joke :smiley:

Microsofts policy not mine [:D]. You either need to be in an environment where you are learning for a customer, or with a partner and access to partnersource to learn that way. If you search google you may find some unofficial material for download.

Have you access to MSDN, parts are published on there I believe.

hi sakari, i dont have any issue i will send u a copy for reference to u r email id…just drop a mail to below mentioned of my id i can provide material for you…plz feel free for help..............vemulamsax@gmail.com

Dear Sakari

you can download all technical and functional exam materials from below link


Thank you very much [:)]