Learn to Program in Dynamics NAV - Navision

Do you want to learn the basics of writing good Navision (Dynamics Nav) code. I am going to start a series of threads here that will help people get started with the basics. I don’t expect this to replace proper training, but I hope it will help give beginers a good starting point. I will moderate the threads, but I do hope that we will get help form all the experienced Navision developers out there. To make life easier, this post will become a sticky, and I will post links to all the other threads, to make this an index. It will start with: Learning Dynamics NAV - Introduction http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16258 Getting certified. http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15821

PS I should mention that these were originally part of my book, but I don’t ahve time to do Implementation and Development at the moment, so I thought it easier to put this stuff here for now.

As we all know there have been site problems with MBSOnline, so that may be the reason that no on ereplied to this thread. Is anyone interested in learning Naviison or not? I don’t plan to develop this topic further if no one is interested. PS this is ultimately why we created the Beginers forum, as a starting place to learn Navision.

Hi David, I for one am certainly interested. Afterall, you, Tino and Thomas have helped me alot just recently. I can get by with basic stuff but there are times when my experience is well lacking. This programming language is a far cry from COBOL programming I did 20 years ago but knowing syntax has helped.

Please continue with this topic, I will give the link to all our newbies. So they can read before they are bothering me [:D] Goooooood boy !!!

Please have them reply, the thread needs to be interactive, otherwise I will just put it back as a chapter in my book. I didn’t want to put it in my book, becasue I wouldted feedback, whcih you can’t get in a book format. If there are enough relies questions etc, I’ll keep it going. Also keep in mind hat I don’t plan to do all this my self, I am hoping that others will contribute.

bump for adnan

ok :slight_smile: me waiting for the basics of writing good Navision (Dynamics Nav) code. I am still trying to leran the functionality part [8)]but would love to know how to code as well. So far my only source is David’s online book and these threads. With my present job the learning process gets a lil slower but hey I m here and all for it:) ready for all the bumps [:o)]. adnan