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Hi, It may be a stupid question ,but how you learned Navision while demo license (CRONUS) do not allow any codeunit creation or modification (inside demo database of course!). I would like to start learning but how ? Regards Edson

hi Edson

I think U have raised a valid point. Sometimes I also think the same whenever I see any post where it is written that in order to learn navision a person has to download a demo database (Cronus) & its license. But what I have found that demo database can only help the Enduser i.e how to navigate.

How it would be any help to that person if he wants to create objects(codeunits,forms,reports), it would not be possible for him/her to do as demo license does not contain the requisite granule ID. What am thinking that the demo license should have requisite granule ID so that it could help the person who wants to navigate deeply in Navision, a person who has interest in programming.

Would like to have comments from MASTERS…

If you subscribe to MSDN then you can get a training license. The normal path most developers take is to start at a Development center.

As David writes the normal path is to start a Development Center or join an existing partner.

In fact for Microsoft this is basically the only way they are seing new developers coming into the channel. You have to sign up as a partner to get a unlimited development license, or you can buy one (NOT CHEAP!) or you can get a job with a partner.

I think this is not a very good strategy, as many people like you will not get a change to learn how to develop in the system. But on the other hand what Microsoft is trying is to prevent is that developers who are not really 100% serious about developing for Dynamics (by investing both their time and money) are getting a “free ride”. The risk for them is that these userious developers will not only take away revenue from their partner channel, but also delivers bad work for their customers, resulting in giving Microsoft a bad name (if NAV doesn’t work, then it’s Microsoft’s fault, even if it because a developer did bad work).

Fortunatelly my company is a microsoft partner and after talking to them about the license I was told they have it. I imported the license and now I can do anything on navision. But it is a pity for those who wants to learn navision and do not have the license. Many Thanks for the help

Hi Edson,

I’m happy that everything worked out for you!