Learn CAL Language

Good Morning Everyone,

I am trying to learn C/AL language for Development Work in NAV from Microsoft Library. Can you please let me know of some other sources where I can try to learn C/AL from.

Kind Regards,

Hartej Virdi

If you are a partner you can buy acces to Dynamics learning portal.

You can also sign up for a training class by a teacher.

This is kinda the second time you ask this kind of question. The answer is this time the same as [mention:b98c3821190c44a1b76031fcf72a1fc8:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] says. You have to sign up for a training class. It is to difficult to google yourself to be a developer in Dynamics NAV (which is C/AL) - but again you should probably focus on Dynamics 365 BC (Whereas the programming language is AL).

If you do not have an accounting backgroup or knows NAV/365 BC very well, then you are on the road to a Mission Impossible…

I will suggest learn from some available Youtube videos, it will make your initial concept clear like how exactly it work.

There’s many development pdf available from where you can start too BUT just NAV as been overruled by Business central I will suggest you to start learning AL instead o C/AL