Leader dots turn to odd ASCII chacters when in design mode

I was designing a report in 2.01 database. I changed the licenses file to my development one, then pressed “shft + F12”, I then opened a current report and copied it to a new object ID. I continued to edit it and wanted to check a filed on the customer card so I opened it up, all the captions in the system had the caption followed by /-e/************* The e had the two dots above it and the *'s are actually the littles stars you get for a hidden anvision password. The above is just an example and the captions tend to be a arrangment of all of those. I restarted the client, the machine and renamed the zup file Does anyone know the answer to this one? I have a screen shot but need somewhere ot post it! Cheers Tony Hemy

I know exactly what you mean Tony. Asked Navision UK but they didn’t know. You just can’t get rid of it. I tried exporting the object as a text file and then reimporting but no joy there. The problem only seems to appear if you open the section designer. Opening the object and only looking at the code doesn’t seem to cause the problem. My guess is that if you have a lot of label controls which do not have text boxes as parent controls, something gets screwed up in the GUI. We just have to live with it, I guess. Cheers John

Never seen, never heard of. And we have made quite a few reports here… Possible it has to do with NF GB? John

We had this problem in either NF 2.01A DK version or 2.01B DK version and solved it. Unfortunately I cant remember excactly what it was that caused it, but I think it was the use of pad characters in the property for either text boxes or labels on the report. You could try to remove those (if you use them) and see if that fixes the problem.

off the point I know but theres alot of johns about!

I ran into similar problems when I created a modified Check report (#1401) which used a MICR font to print those funny looking numbers at the bottom of the check. After I printed checks, certain forms would have garbage characters in places of spaces and leader dots. I asked the good folks in Atlanta about this. They said they had no idea why it was happening, nor did their counterparts in Denmark. They were pretty sure that something about the font was causing the NF client to be confused. You can avoid this problem (maybe!) by using only fonts which have a complete set of characters in them. Of course, sometimes (as in the case of my MICR font) you have to use a font which only contains a subset of ASCII characters. ------- Tim Horrigan