Lead time on Trade agreements ignored


I am confused because I have some items with a different lead time on Default order setup and on Trade agreements for the purchase orders.

For example I have an item A with a purchase order with a lead time of 15 days on default order setup and 10 days on trade agreement. And an item B with a purchase order with a lead time of 20 days on default order setup and 0 days on trade agreement.

I have activate price discounts tab activated and on master planning I have activated trade agreements but AX 2009 is calculating for the item A a lead time of 10 days and for item B a lead time of 20, no matter what I write on trade agreements.

I don’t know what is creating these differences and why AX 2009 is ignoring my lead time on the trade agreements if they are activated.

Thank you.

Hi Nacho,

Have you got a Primary vendor set on Item B, but not on Item A? AX will only use the lead time from the trade agreement if the item does not have a Primary vendor (Item details → ‘References’ tab → ‘Item coverage’ area → Vendor).

Thank you, that’s exactly what was happening.