Lead time in AX 2012


How can I understand the purchase lead time, inventory lead time and sales lead time in AX 2012?

For example, if I set a purchase lead time to 2 days, does that mean if I need the item on May 10th, it need to be delivered to our warehouse on May 8th? And also for inventory lead time?


Sales Lead time of 5 days, if you load the order today the delivery to the customer will be in 5 days time. It pushes time forward

Purchase Lead time of 3 days will mean if you need to ship it out in 5 days then you will need to place to order in 2 - It looks at the requirement and works backwards.

I would ignore inventory lead time, use routes for production.

In your example if you need item on May 10th and it has a 2 day lead time it will tell you to place the order on the 8th, if you had safety margins in Planning like receipt or order this would add further buffers in, as would transport time in the distribution setup to reflect the time to get it from one place to another.

Good Explanatiion Steven ,

Where can i define the safety lead time , transportation time in AX 2012 ? apart from these do we have any other times need to consider for exact lead time ?

Thanks in advance .

Safety margins are in planning on the coverage group or the master plans.

Transportation time is in stock and warehouse management, Setup, Distribution, Transport.

Thanks steven .