Lead Time fixed in Item Card

Hello, does any body knows how to fix the lead time to the one placed in the Item card, having this item a routing line and a BOM linked to?? In other words, how to disable lead time calculation and to use the one fixed by hand.

Hi Sorry Are you asking how to ignore an items calculated leadtime from a routing and production BOM and use the item card lead time?

Hi Diego I believe that if you use routing the time will be taken from the routing. To use the lead time on the item card you have to not use routing, or the CRP granule. I believe you would need to modify this so that the code calling the leadtime does not reference the routing at any point. You might want to post this in the developers forum!

Steven is correct. The Lead Time on the Item Card is only used, for Prod. Order Items, when their is NO Routing available. The Routing, for Prod. Order Items, is the 1st place to calculate time. The field is also used for Purchased Items and the relative lead time from the Vendor.