Lay-out 2-tier / 3-tier ?

Hi, We use Ax30Sp3 in 3-tier (Citrix / AOS / database). We created our own layouts and in the sales-order-proces their seems to be no problems. But when f.i. a copy of packingslip is called afterwards, Axapta uses the default lay-out !! But when logging on 2-tier (Citrix / Database) we don’t have this problem at all!? Does anybody has the same experiences or maybe some tips how to solve this problem??[V] Thanks for in advance Johan

Hi Johan, I have been using the setup that you mentioned (3 tier-Citrix) for almost 2 years now. Have never come across this problem … Coming to your problem, I assume by layouts you mean reports. Have you tried stopping-restarting the AOS server at all? Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish, Yes I mean reports and yes 've tried restarting the AOS. We also looked at the cache-files (removing them on AOS), but it didn’t work out. Do you have some other suggestions? Johan

Hi Johan, I can’t think of anything else. Do you want to send an export of your reports so that I can have a look? Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Check your client/server settings. If you have changed some of the standard settings then it could be that your report is called on the client and gets some parameters from the client whereas the class you call the report from is executed on the server…

Hi all, Our problem seems the be solved! Some modifications to connect the user to the right report-layout (invoice, packingslip, pickinglist) were made for an ASP-situation. There we don’t work this way, we also didn’t buy the ASP-module. Missing this module, the modifications ‘confused’ Axapta in a 3-tier situation and returned the wrong report-layout. Regards, Johan