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Can any one tell me where to find the latest navision Add ons catalog. The one I have is 2-3 years old( the same available for download at some sites). I am sure a lot more addons have been added in this time period. I wonder if navision has published at latest one off late.

********** (Edited by webmaster, by request from MBS) has been appointed as Int. head of Vertical Business Solution. Write him at ******** (Edited by webmaster, by request from MBS) and ask him for an update (you’ll help the entire NaviWorld !) /CB


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Can any one tell me where to find the latest navision Add ons catalog. The one I have is 2-3 years old( the same available for download at some sites). I am sure a lot more addons have been added in this time period. I wonder if navision has published at latest one off late.

You should always contact your NTR, they have the information available or are able to find it for you. It may be true that this guy is responsible for verticals, but I doubt it is his job to answer emails from 100s of people around the world.

Dear Lars, You’re right. Always contact your NTR - always has been and still is the policy of MBS (formerly Navision A/S and Navision Software A/S). But I think that MBS should really learn something from Microsoft Corp. - catalog’s like this should always be world wide available - even if many of the add-ons are local. We are living in a global information soceity - even MBS should reallize that.[;)]

Erik, I agree with you. However, think of the poor guy, who has to answer maybe 100 emails every week. If he chooses to answer them, then he (in addition to answering) has to contact the various NTRs and keep them informed about the discussions he’ve had with their NSCs. And all this is extra work for him. If he chooses not to answer them, he will be regardes as arrogant, even if he is only doing his job. This way he is put in a no-win situation. I agree that the catalog should be available world wide, and as far as I know it is. It has been published on my NTRs website long time ago, and there has been several updates over the years.

Hi Lars, But I don’t agree with you! [:D] It’s a question about making it as easy to get the information as possible. Both you and I know that not all NTR’s are as “quick” to give the information to their partners/customers as they should be. So by making one global contact - actually I’m not asking for a global contact - but a global add-on product catalog - that everyone can browser online. Both partners and end-users. I agree that the situation that you’re describing sounds a little like “more work” - but then I suggest that MBS tell us directly where to get that information instead. That they give us a URL where to find the information. I know that many add-ons are not available in all countries and most of them never will - but just the fact that they are available is often enough to satisfy people. If someone really really need it, then they should be able to know how to get it. Especially in regards to new customers I think it’s important that this information is globally available.

I agree with you Erik. As per the information I have, the Add-on catalog is updated every year only(as conveyed by our NTR) which considering the demands of today isn’t sufficient. But recently they came up with a new policy vis-a-vis applying/registering for Add-ons like filing request on partnerguide. Assuming that this is followed, i don’t see big problem in updating the list timely/frequently. I couldn’t find the Add-on developed by us in the catalog even after Years, should I complain to anybody? I don’t really think so, as our NTR has been courteous with us to direct the prospects regarding the same though it hasn’t been listed in the catalog. Moreover as it was a Add-on specific to the requirements of region, so I think it’s ok. But as many others, I wish that it appear in the Add-on Catalog.

Mohammad, Yes, you’re right. The companies (still not in all countries AFAIK) who have access to Partner Guide have this information. But what about the end-users? This lead me on to the fact that this topic is posted in a wrong forum (the “MOD Add-On Forum (W/O Code)” forum purpose of the is to request a specific modification/add-on). I’ve moved the topic to “Open Subject”. But it also lead me to the fact that the add-on catalog, just like much other information only is available to PARTNERS, not END USERS. I’ve meet with many end-users who where still on a old version and didn’t know that a new version had been released. Today end-users only official access to information is from their Solution Center. But even big solution centers with a good reputation and a large marketing department is not informing their existing customers about new versions. If it is something that really will make them some money, then maybe they are thinking about telling their customers, but most of the time, the only way a customer finds out about a new release (i.e. 3.01 to 3.10 or the many hotfixes released to 3.60) is when they get one of the errors solved by the new released. It’s about time that Microsoft Business Solutions get this information structured and easily available to all customers, partners and end-users together.

Thinking about the end-users, what you mentioned is undoubtedly right. We have generally been in an environment wherein we after knowing of an appropriate Add-on, finding compatibility/other issues inform the client about the same. But the requirements of the day have changed to an extent that a patient approaches a doctor with information/material informing of new solution/approach to his problems. I don’t think its anything different in our case too. Those who have a problem/requirement are looking for a solution more than anybody else. I hope somebody out there from MBS is hearing our cries.