Last Direct Cost = $3.30...Unit Cost = $0.00?

Hi all… 3.7SPB here. Running on FIFO costing. We have Post Estimated Costs to G/L checked and also Automatic Cost Posting. Adjust cost is run nightly. We are seeing some strange instances of unit cost being zero even though there have been some transactions with the item already. So last direct cost will have a value but unit cost = 0. This is even for some items that are in inventory…but I suspect those have open POs pending. So my question is…how can last direct cost have a value and unit cost be zero if the item has history and all transactions are completed? Please help if you can. Thanks, JP

Did not know this also existed in later versions as well. Customer of mine had the same problem in NF 2.60. It occurred when having posted item receipt on a purchase order but not invoicing the purchase order. Posting negative (or positive ?) adjustments caused the invoice tab on the item card being zeroed. Hopefully of any help to you as well.