Large Texts in Navision

I’m looking for a way to send a string to an ocx that is longer than 250 characters. I already tried something like this: WHILE DO BEGIN OCXvar.TextProp := OCXvar.TextProp + MyString[i]; i += 1; END; But that didn’t do the trick, actually Navision crashed on that code after approximately 260 characters were sent. XX( Is there any other way to use big blocks of text, like putting it into a BLOB variable? Marco de Vries Navision Consultant/Developer ICM-Solutions

You may give it a try with a variable of type Binary (2000 bytes). Or wait for NF3.0 where the text length has been expanded to 1024 chars. John

The limit in NF 2.xx lies at 250 Bytes. Binaries will not work either. What you could do is to use an array of - let’s say *[250] which would give you 2000 Bytes and assign …

  OCXvar.TextProp := MyString[1]+MyString[2]+MyString[3]+...;

------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian