Large sales-orders make Navision perform very slow

We have a customer who works with Navision 3.70 on a C/Side-database. On occasion they have sales orders which have up to 1200 order-lines. Navision is getting very slow after about 800 lines, sometimes it takes about 2 minutes before a next line can be entered. What can be the reason of this?

I think the only way to discover the problem is to use the Client Monitor. One thing to do is to remove all unecessary fields to the subform, particullary the flow fields (for example the Reserved Quantity field). Bye Marco

Okay, we can try that. Is it also an idea to change cache-settings on the client?

If you connect to a server the DBMS is inherited from him. Marco

It can’t hurt to raise the client cache to 32000 or 64000. Client Cache holds all the objects (except tables) in memory. If set too low it could casue the client to retrieve the sales post codeunit repeatedly. Even more important is the DBMS cache. When posting a group of orders, typically the first 10 or so will post quickly but then Navision will slow down to post the rest. This is becasue the write cache (roughly 1/3 your overall dbms cache) has filled up and Navision is now writing to disk. You can monitor this in a virtual table called database file (you’ll need to create a form for this) The table is fairly self explanatory. Possibly increasing your dbms cache to 800 mb might help a little. I believe this will only work if your database is split internally on C/SIDE. There is another virtual table called performance (create a form for this). This table shows the number of packets that can be transfered between the client and server. The machines we used range around 2000 for the top number and 400 for the lower number. Make sure you are posting with a machine that reflects something near these numbers. Another possibility is to post through NAS. I have found NAS to post orders quite a bit faster than a normal client. This is because there are no dialog boxes or forms to contend with in NAS. We post our shipments during the day but have our invoices post in batch through NAS at night. Don’t post during a backup or another user doing a batch post. This will slow the system down immensely. Hopefully one of these tips may help with your problem.[8D]

Using Dimensions can slow the posting process down as well. The NAS option that Jason mentioned is a common solution to this issue. Django