large batch posting by NAS

Hi, I try to use the NAS to post around 400K lines of item journal at night. what hardware configuration should I use in NAS? how long would you expect to finish? if anyone experience long batch posting before? can you share your experience? thank you in advance Richard

Hi, we use NAS to batch posting as well. About 4000 invoices and credit memos and about 250-350 lines per invoice. This takes about one to two hours. But this speed have more to do with your server configuration rather than the computer running NAS. We use a normal desktop computer to this (with 512MB memory) and it works fine. I can’t see any speed difference compared to a normal client running the same job on an computer with equal performance. So I think NAS is just like an normal client, just without the graphic interface. The two advantages using NAS instead of normal client is that the batch job dont take an user session (meaning that the user can still be doing other things) and that we can run the job during night (as you do). Best Daniel

Daniel, Thanks for your contribution. Would you mind tell me your hardware configuration of your server (I mean the database server)? Thanks Richard

We have one server with one cpu and 1.5GB memory (800MB set for Navisions cache,commit cache on). We have our database splitted on 7 hdd (RAID 1) in an SAN (hdd cache disabled). Our database is today 45GB and about 65% of the space is used. We also have Gigabit Network with out Terminal servers(all our 50 users log in via Citrix) and also the computer running NAS. Hope this helps. Daniel


Originally posted by danielekwall We have our database splitted on 7 hdd (RAID 1) in an SAN (hdd cache disabled).

If you disabled the hdd cache (with jumpers?) shouldn’t you also disable the controller cache or just rely on the UPS?

We have disabled the controller cache as well. Navision have always recommended this when using Navisions commit cache. Best Daniel

But how did you disabled the hdd cache ?


Originally posted by danielekwall
Hi, we use NAS to batch posting as well. About 4000 invoices and credit memos and about 250-350 lines per invoice. This takes about one to two hours.

Hi Daniel, this is pretty impressive[:)], I assume these are Item lines? The math comes out to be about 4000x300=1.2M Item ledger entries per day, at an average 1.5k per entry, that makes about 1.6 Gig per day. How are you managing the data, 350 Gig per year seems like a lot to handle in Navision. Do you have special compression?[?] Thanks.

Hi Daniel, I belive a lot of people would like to achive such performance. Is it really 1.2M line items?

Hi, I am sorry, I forgot to say that this job is run once every month. It’s resource lines, not item. This register is smaller than Item registers but our database is still growing about 1GB every month due to this batch job. I have also deactivated keys in resource ledger entries so that it will be smaller and faster at insertions. When the database is to big we have the possibillity to make compression. We are also thinking of going over to SQL, but since the database limit is 128GB we still have a couple of years before we have to do something. Best Daniel

Resources are quite different, Item ledger entries, application entries value entries etc, and also the actual application of reservations etc. Increase the losd by well over 10 times more. So this really is not a good comparison for Richard to compare to. In any case even with resources, posting 1.2M lines in 1-2 hours is still pretty good.

Thanks David to point out the difference between the resource line and the item line. Also thanks again to Daniel to give me some idea what’s going on the performance. David, Do you think posting 400K item journal line within 1-2 hours will be reasonable? thanks to anyone who contribute in here. Richard

If you are using dimensions, then id definitely won’t work. There are many more issues involved though. Just the fact of posting over 0.5 Gig per day, means at least 10 Gig a month just for this one routine. You have a lot of work involved to get this going. First question, why so many lines?

David, My client is using a front end POS to store all items transactions. As the client is handling a large range of products, every item will create one item journal at least. As you mentioned, dimension will be used, for example, 4 to 5 dimensions are used. Assuming the no of item is around 10K, it is quite easy to have 400K transactions created. My plan is directly linking a SQL table in Navision (get rid of importing time). Then create item journals by report. After that, the item journals can be posted. As the posting involves a lot of item journal lines, the NAS must be very powerful for handling the posting. Also, Daniel has suggested that the SQL server configuration has serious impact on the posting routine. It makes more difficult on sizing. Any idea?

Sorry Richard, but there is very little chance of being able to do what you are suggesting. My first suggestion would be to look at one of the POS Add-Ons that are available. It is critical that the data is compressed BEFORE you create the Navision Item Journals. If your client plans to go live in a few years time, you could probably develop it yourself, but that is probably not realistic, so you really do need to look at an available solution. My suggestion, go to the Add-On forum nad post a question, you will get a number of replies about POS systems. There are a LOT out there for Navision.