Lanham eShip - //CSP (Create Std Packages) command is not working

What is required to CREATE STD PACKAGES using Lanham’s eShip? We have a new company that it is not working in.

The Item’s have a valid Std Pack UOM and Std Packs per Package on the Item Card eShip tab.
The Packing Stations have Create Std Packages Command checked (on the Other Commands tab).

Is there anything else?

Hi Lewis,

It sounds like you have it set up correctly. It pulls the values from the Sales Line so if you entered the values on the Item card after the Sales Line was created you may need to re-enter the line.

Are you receiving an error or how is it not working?


No error messages. We enter the sales order no and see 0 of 80 to be packed and then enter //CSP and nothing happens.

The sales lines DO show that std pack qty and other std pack fields are also populated.

We misunderstood and had the Std. Packs per Package field set incorrectly on the Item Card. Everything is good now.