Language test Wich is the more current language used by Navision developpers? [?]

Normally the most used language for Navision developer is the C/AL[:D]

yes I agree with Fabrice. Doesn´t your wifes or husbands look at you strangely whenever you say something like this? PCostumer.SETFILTER(Description, ‘Wife’) IF TODAY = PCustomer.BirthDate THen Message(‘Happy birthday dear!!’) //More or less SCRS 18082003

Actually it depends on country where developers are [:)] isn’t it? -

What about developers in countries such as Belgium or Switzerland.[;)]

I think it doesnt matter where you are from - C/AL is a english-like language :slight_smile: So the most used is English! I think in english too, sometimes :wink: Native? German :smiley:

Sorry to drag this up again, but without PCostumer.find(’-’) (or something similar) there is no result [:)][:D][:o)]

IF NOT PCustomer.FIND(’-’) THEN BeerDrinking.INIT;

Please, allow me a few adustments of this code, regarding the usual flow of the process being automated :slight_smile: PCostumer.INIT; // appropriate initialization first PCostumer.“No.” := ‘x’; //get the appropriate number from a input box PCostumer.“Customer Posting Group” := ‘MARRIED’; pcostumer.insert; // //search function // if PCostumer.FIND(’-’) then begin //dont forget to create a proper index starting with Description PCostumer.Description := ‘Wife’; if PCostumer.FIND(’=’) then //happy birthday…etc… else begin if PCostumer.FIND(’<’) then // some “ex” should have birthday insert appropriate code else //a future should have a birthday insert appropriate code end; end else BeerDrinking.INIT; could be even much more longer