Language settings (non unicode Chinese etc)


I am trying to get Navision working on a computer via Citrix in a Isolated environment because we have chinese users and Spanish users. However i cant seem to get it working, because i dont know where navision gets its language settings from. Does anyone know? Anyone had any experience with this…



Been there - done that!

What version of Navision are you using? My answers here are based on version 4.00 and SQL Server database.

You must have a version that allow you to dissable the “Validate Code Page” option (under Alter Database). This allow you to have more than one codepage in the database. Just remember that they should not be entering Chinese characters in indexed Code fields in Navision as this will you unable to use Navision’s build-in backup function.

As for Citrix, then you need to separate Citrix servers, where the one for Chinese must be installed with Chinese support in non-codepage programs.

Well there is properly more to it. But try a search here, the question has been asked many times (ie. by me) and there are my good tips here. Otherwise ask again. We’ll love to hear “your story” too…

Thank Eric.

Yes its an SQL database. We have 2 seperate databases, once spanish and one chinese.

We currently have it on 2 seperate citrix servers, but there must be a way of making this work in an isolated environment. I have added the NLS reg keys, so when i kick of a regedit in the chinese isolated environment it shows the chinese code pages etc. And the spanish isolated environment it shows the spanish ones. But i think that navision gets the language from something else. Where does it grab it from?