Landsteinar's Data Director licensing

G’day all!

I have a general quetion regarding Data Director licensing issue.
In case if I want to implement it in one head office and multiple store locations (20 for instance), should I get a license strictly for 20 stores?
Will I need to expand my license in case if the number of stores will become more than 20?
In other words : is number of distributed locations in Data Director a subject of licensing or it isn’t?

Thanks in advance.

Max Vladimirov


LS Retail License needs to be purchased for each Store.b’coz LS Data Director always checks for no.of subnets which is equal to no. of Distribution Locations defined at HO.



Bumping up old post

During redeployment we have forgotten to upload the license to all the Store Data Director settings, so they are all running LS Retail Data Director Demo License. Surprisingly replication is still working for all 10 outlets, wondering what is the no. of subnet referring to. From my understanding, 1 network subnet can have about 250+ hosts. Logically, if all my outlets are under 1 subnet with VPN, I should be able to replicate to all the outlets? Need clarification from the expert

It all depends on how many number of DD services you are using/working at the same time.

if you are using single DD service for replicating the data to multiple stores(here packet transfer happens one by one) then it will work with demo license.

if you are using multiple DD services(DD1,DD2,DD3) to multiple stores(here multiple packets will transfer at the same time) then it will check for subnet mask(no.of stores).