Landsteinar PlusPOS 800X600 Touch always Sizeable

Hello guys, I had a strange experience with LS form POS Startup 800x600. When the monitor or touch screen is in 800x600 resolution and the Taskbar is set to Auto-hide and the “keep the taskbar on top of other windows” is unticked, you can still drag the sides or the bottom of the form - even when it’s parameters (Minimizable, Maximizable, Sizeable etc.) are all set to “No”. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hi, I tried the same thing and did not have the same result. I.e. I could not drag or re-size. What version of LSR do you have? I think I did notice this in an older installation.

I think that there is a control on the navision form that is equal to the size of the form itself. Is this control focusable?