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We currently use dynamics ax 2009. We have created O.E.Ms as Foreign vendors in dynamics. We have created Foreign warehouses (Where foreign vendors supply goods) also in dynamics. Anytime there is a supply from the O.E.Ms, A Purchase order is created in dynamics with the OEM account and the foreign ware house where the Goods are delivered. Hence the O.E.M. is paid based on Goods delivered to the foreign warehouse.

Delivered Goods in foreign warehouses are shipped down to Nigeria; while this is done other costs are incurred. In dynamics, a transfer journal is used to move the items from the overseas warehouse to the local warehouse.


Calculation of accurate inventory valuation by including additional charges beyond purchase cost

How do we recognize other costs incurred in the course of shipping the items so that we have the actual value of items in our warehouses bearing in mind the following:

· The Goods are delivered at purchase cost to the overseas warehouse

· The Goods are shipped to local warehouses irrespective of Created purchase orders. The goods may be from several purchase orders which may be from several O.E.Ms. (Consolidated invoice). How do we then apportion cost to these several items in different purchase orders.

· Using the miscellaneous charges function means we will have to start tracing all the purchase orders used in creating the consolidated items and start apportioning costs on them one after the other after the invoice on these transactions have been posted (after delivery by O.E.M. who would have sent in his invoice after delivery). The second question then arises- How do we apportion miscellaneous charges on a single item transaction with many other item lines in the same order.

Is there any other solution you can think of



,Miscellaneous charges is the only standard solution to this, anything else would require a modification.

I agree miscellaneous charges is the only standard solution without modification but using miscellaneous charges, supposing we have traced the particular purchase order and only an item line out of several item lines needs to carry the miscellaneous charge. How do i apportion this charge on one item line alone. Note also that the invoice has been posted already and we are using miscellaneous charges adjustment function.



The charges are not proportional, also, the Item lines may be in several purchase orders. There may be only one item line in an order containing 5 lines to carry miscellaneous charge. How will these be posted without affecting the other lines.

Hi Dare,

Did you find the solution to the above question ?

You would apply a line level misc charge.

Yes we got a solution. We had to customise the transfer journal so that we can adjust items while they are being transferred from our foreign warehouses to our Main warehouse. This works exactly like the adjust transactions button in closing and adjustment function. We adjust our transactions on the transfer journal. What this does is

Dr. Item

Cr. Miscellaneius charges account.

When invoices are given by clearing agents and local authorities we raise journal to:

Dr. Miscellaneous a/c

Cr. Vendor

When payments are made for the above

Dr vendor

Cr. Bank.

This solved our issues