Landed Cost split by dimension


We are applying Miscellaneous charges to a purchase order line based on variants. Variants are specified by dimension combinations.

The cost price of the item variant plus the miscellaneous charges equals the landed cost for the variant.

If you are using moving average cost, the posting is only done at an item level.

How can you get a moving average cost at a variant level???

An example:

Item: Widget Colour:Red cost price £10 Misc Charges £5 Landed cost £15

Item: Widget Colour:Blue cost price £10 Misc Charges £7 landed cost £17

If i Buy 100 of each, I get an item level landed cost of 200 @ £16… but if the prices and quantities of the red and blue move over time, I still only get an item level landed cost… I cannot get an applicable cost for the Blue ones on their own as a system parameter i don’t think…

Any ideas from out there? Thanks

How are you attaching the misc charge? manually or automatically?

If you batch control the item what does it do?

I presume you can see the on handcost different between the config if no costs are added?