Dear ,

how to find out the existing labels ? i mean i know the lable ID,how to search and from where i can view the labels ?


Hi Thomas,

Label details can be viewed in Label log form. In AX 2012, this form is available under Tools > Label.

Else you can search using Label Id. Select the label, right click and select ‘Lookup Label/Text’ option.


My ax is 2009 and i couldn’t find the Tools->labels options.

Secondly i try by lookup label/Text then i am getting like … find what (new findow opens and we can type the text for searching).i didn’t find a way to search by label id,please help me.

Thank you .

Dearssssssssssss Anybody can reply to me


In AX 2009, labels are stored in .ald files, you can find them in your AOS installation directory, for me it’s /Program Files/Microsoft Dynamic AX/50/Application/Appl/, you can see the language in the name, “-gb”, “-fr” etc, you search the label code like @SYS… and you have the translation



AX2009: Tools > Development tools > Label > Label log