I am looking for any documentation on creating labels in Navsion 4.0. More specificly, using the label form under Shipping & Receiving\Shipping\Setup\Labels. Does anyone know where such documentation might exist? Any information is greatly appreciated, thank you.

If there is documentation I’d love to see that too. We do have a UCC128 label setup in our system. By looking at how this label is setup I can pretty much figure out what needs to be done. But the docs would be great. If you need a copy of our UCC128 label setup to take a look at, see link below. Maybe it will help if you need a place to start.

Thanks Ruiz. After posting, i looked some more and found that our label formatting module is from Lanham. I contacted them and they send me a 6 page pdf file containing instructions on how to use the label formatiing. Not very comprehensive, but good enough to get started. Here it is.
Attachment: Label Formatter - Getting Started.pdf ( 131876bytes )