Hi All

Can any one tell me how to change Label Caption when i click on button…

Hello Amol,

If you want to change caption of a label based upon certain field (or certain condition), then use the CaptionClass property of the Label.

For example in Dimension in other one is “Direct Unit Cost” field in Sales Line and Purchase Line tables, where caption class is defined as GetCaptionClass(FIELDNO(“Direct Unit Cost”)).

So you can find more details there

Hi Dhan Raj Bansal,


But i want to change only label, which i pick from toolbox.

i dont want to link with any field.

On what basis (parameters) will you change the Label?

More details please


I create One button , one label , and Text Box.

i want that , When i click on button the value which i enter in text box , that should display in Label.

For Eg. i write " india " in text box and i click button. then " india " will be display in lable i.e. caption of that label.