Label specified non-existent ID as parent

Hello gurus!

I’m hoping that someone can help me with this problem with NAV 5.0. I have looked almost everywhere for a solution.

When trying to open the Posted Sales Invoice form or the Purchase Credit Memo form, I get an error stating that "The Label named ‘’ specified a non-existent ID (’’) as a parent.’ I searched each label on each form. I deleted the label and textbox in question and still I get the error. I added a new field with different label names and textbox IDs and still the error. The forms will not open. Can anyone please HELP!!!


Export the form to text and search for the ID - depending on your experience you can fix the problem using the text file or this will point you to the correct control to fix in designer

OK, I exported the form as text like you suggested. There is no label with the Labelname ‘Control29’ that the system is saying is incorrect.

You see that error quite a bit when an object merge is not completed, a control gets created, but the label that belongs to the control (through the parent control property) is not removed. You need to find the right label and make sure that it points to the right control. You should be able to find it by opening the form in design mode and hit F11, it should put your cursor right where the issue is.

DenSter, I think that is exactly what happened. During the merge process, our server crashed twice. I had to move the databse to another pc with more room. But I tried the solution that you suggested and I did not find anything. I checked the label named ‘Control29’ that the error pointed out and also checked to make sure that the parent control ‘28’ exists and it does. Would remerging those specific forms and reimporting them into the database solve the problem?

Give it a try [Y]

Check subforms, those have controls too.

When I run into a problem like this, I usually spend about 5 minutes on the form trying to find where the control is, and if I can’t find it within those 5 minutes, I re-merge the form. It’s faster to remerge than to spend whole days trying to find something like this.

Thanks for everyone’s input! It turned out to be the subform after all.[:D]