Label Report

I am attempting my first label report and have run into a couple of issues: 1. In my report the user must enter the number of labels to be printed. If the user needs five labels, my report prints 5 labels, then the printer form feeds X amount of labels(x being equivalent to how many it would have taken to print on normal size paper???). 2. If the user needs to print 50 labels the printer will print however many it takes to print a normal sheet of paper, form feeds two or three and then proceeds. Any ideas on how to get my report to disregard the form feeds.

You can to do like this : - A report with your Table + Integer virtual tables - Declare a array with two dimensions you will use in report fields data source 1=number of label columns 2=number of fields you want to print The trigger OnAfterGetRecord()on Integer like that ColumnLabel:=0; IF NOT EndOfDocument THEN BEGIN REPEAT NumOfLabelsToPrint -= 1; ColumnLabel += 1; LabelFields[ColumnLabel][1] := MyTable.MyField1; LabelFields[ColumnLabel][2] := MyTable.MyField2; LabelFields[ColumnLabel][3] := MyTable.MyField3; … IF NumOfLabelsToPrint=0 THEN BEGIN EndOfDocument := (MyTable.NEXT=0); IF NOT EndOfDocument THEN NumOfLabelsToPrint:=(my formula) // for example on the quantity END; UNTIL (EndOfDocument) OR (ColumnLabel >= NumOfColumns); END; // To empty the last labels at the End Of document IF ColumnLabel<NumOfColumns THEN FOR ColumnLabel:=ColumnLabel+1 TO NumOfColumns DO CLEAR(LabelFields[ColumnLabel]); It’s not the full code, you still have to init my vars on other triggers and else repost me, if you have any problem best regards