Label Printer Error

I am programming labels in Navision 4.0 using Lanhams label creator module. I am trying to test print my label so i can see what it looks like and i am getting this message: The file name “C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c type c:\se_demo\shipping\label\buffer.txt>LPT1” contains a character that may not be used. I can not find a way around this and need to test print my label so i can make sure the placement is correct. If any one has any ideas i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

try to use “copy /b c:\se_demo\shipping\label\buffer.txt LPT1” instead

Where in Navision would I change that? When I select Run from the Start Menu and put the string into the Run Field using the /b instead of /c it brings up a command prompt. When i use /c instead of /b the screen flashes and nothing else happens. Help. LOL